Sea Turtles Rescued in the Coastal Area of ​​the Paenal Shipyard

One of our work policies is attention to the environment, as well as the management and care of the space around us in order to supply or minimize any and all impacts of our activities on nature and the beings that inhabit it.
Due to its warm tropical climate, Angola is a favorable destination for sea turtles to continue their reproduction cycles, in this case, spawning on the beaches of Porto Amboim.
As it is not news that we are in the reproductive and spawning season and birth of sea turtles, once again in the coastal area of ​​the Paenal shipyard, these magnificent beings were rescued by Paenal employees from attacks by seagulls and crabs. Without forgetting that, during the hatching process, they confuse the lighting of the shipyards, vehicles and establishments along the seafront with the reflection of the Moon in the open sea, causing them to head in the wrong direction instead of the high seas.
Through these small rescue and protection actions, we guarantee that they reach the high seas and continue their life cycles. On the one hand, we contribute and will continue to fight for the preservation of the species that is at great risk of extinction.
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