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The Mafumeira field is located off the Angolan coast within the CABGOC Block 0. The Project includes a Central Processing Complex (”CPC”) and two Welljead Platforms (”WHPs”). The Centro WHP is located in the vinicity of the “CPC” and “Sul” WHP is located approximately 6 kilometers (kms) south of the CPC.


Paenal scope of work comprised but was not limited to the provision of project management, fabrication engineering, procurement, fabrication, pre-commissioning, load-out and sea fastening of the 2 WHP Topsides, Centro and Sul, briefly described below:

Centro & Sul wellhead Platform;
Centro & Sul WHP consists of topsides ad«nd structre:
a) The topsides including well slots for production, water injection, and spare slots for future wells.
b) Supporting structure(Jacket).

Each facility will have main, mezzanine, cellar, sub-cellar, decks. Both WHP facilities have water injection and gas lift function provided via pipelines. Centro and Sul WHP Topsides, Centro nd Sul, were build-in PAENAL’s yard.

The project was successfully completed:
– Centro WHP Topside was delivered on January 2015 and Sul WHP Topside one year later in February 2016. With this project PAENAL achieved the ratio of 8.200 tons of fabrication steel per year and more than 2 million man-hours of workers, without LTI’s.

  • Total of 6.400 metric tons
  • First platform delivered in February 2015
  • Second platform to be delivered in May 2015

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