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PAENAL Proposed Site in 2007

Formed in 2008, by three committee partners, SBM Offshore, Shipbuildind & Marine Engineering (DSME) since 2010 and with vital backing of the state-owned national Oil Company Sonangol, Paenal ever focus on Oil & Gas sector.

Headquartered in Angola and operating in the Sumbe litoral, our ambition is to become a key player in FPSO, Subsea Systems, Wellhead Platform (WHP) Projects and offshore maintenance services, using strategic and International integrated partnerships. By insert considerable local content support and resources in our execution strategy enabled and will enable us to accomplish our goals while and at the same time, increasing competences of young angolan talent.

For that, throughout its existence, Paenal has achieved historical milestones such as:

  • First open sea pier to moor an FPSO in Angola with a 490-meter pier;
  • The largest land crane in Africa located at the PAENAL shipyard with a capacity of 2,500 tons;
  • First company to manufacture, integrate and connect FPSO modules in Angola;
  • The first naming ceremony of an FPSO in Angola.

Therefore, the vulnerable community can now rely on a state source of work that has livelih. Back in 2008, SBM Offshore and our partner Sonangol had the vision of creating an advanced manufacturing facility in Angola. The region of Kwanza Sul was chose as the location next to the town of Porto Amboim, and the support of the local authorities. The expectation was that the yard would act as a hub, to attract other businesses and support services and breathe a new life into the region.

This has started to happen since the seed was planted of Porto Amboim Estaleiros Navais “PAENAL” fabrication yard in 2008, which now provides an ideal hub for the Oil & Gas Industry and font of food to entire families and local business that live to the rhythm of the Paenal yard.

Yard Development

Approval of the investment and Registration of PAENAL. Thus starting the development of this great industrial project that today aims to differentiate itself more and more in the market!

2008 - 2011
1st Contract MTOE Chevron
Fabrication 2 Calm Buoys in Block 0

Fabrication of 2 Calm Buoys and minor fabrication works. That projects required a Drilling System Layout, Geotechnical Performance Predictions, Next-generation jack-up design and self-installing platform.

The Biggest Crane
Installation & Commissioning

2.500T Heavy Lift Crane Installation, biggest fixed crane in Africa. Paenal currently presents itself in the best conditions to perform its services without interruptions and thus better tending the market.

1st FPSO Topside TEPA Contract
CLOV Project in Block 17

Fabrication & Integration onto FPSO of Modules 122 (Water Treatment) and Fabrication & Load-out of Suction Anchor Piles, Risers, Caisson Protectors & Mooring Structures (total 7,704 metric tons)

Modules Fabrication & Integration

N’GOMA FPSO ENI Contract in Block 15/06. Fabrication & Integration of Module M18 HOP & Module M08 SRP onto FPSO -- Fabrication & Load-out of 9xSuction Piles,  & Side Collision Structures (total weight 2,080 tons) 

2015 - 2016
Chevron Contract
Mafumeira Sul Project in Block 0

The Mafumeira field is located off the Angolan coast within the CABGOC Block 0. The Project includes a Central Processing Complex (”CPC”) and two Welljead Platforms (”WHPs”). The Centro WHP is located in the vinicity of the “CPC” and “Sul” WHP is located approximately 6 kilometers (kms) south of the CPC.

2017 - 2021
TEPA Contract
Kaombo & Dalia Subsea Projects in Block 17

Fabrication, hydro-testing and thermal insulation of two 12’’ Production Spools (6 spools) of approximately 80m length to replace the existing Spools in Dalia field.

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