Concerns & Complaints

Welcome to the Paenal Reporting Channel
This is a communication channel that was created and developed to receive complaints and reports of unethical, illegal conduct or conduct that violates our Code of Conduct, our Internal Policies or the Anti-Corruption Law.
The Reporting Channel is monitored by ethical professionals who contractually guarantee the confidentiality and secrecy of the information and data reported and sent through this channel.
This Channel may be used by anyone, private or private, including employees, former employees, associates, suppliers, service providers, business partners, in a secure and even anonymous way.
That is, when registering the report, the whistleblower can submit his complaint anonymously or without identifying himself (ANONYMOUS), but he will have to share a valid or active email to obtain the respective feedback.
Paenal – Porto Amboim Estaleiros Navais, Lda values ethics, the guarantee of secrecy and anonymity (through the Reporting Channel) and non-retaliation against whistleblowers in good faith. Our professionals will carry out an initial analysis to verify the basic information of the complaint and, if it is a subject within the competence of the Channel, they will forward the reports to the Board of Directors. The council will be responsible for receiving complaints, analyzing, investigating, investigating and recommending measures when necessary.

Paenal – Porto Amboim Estaleiros Navais, Lda are committed to providing a high quality service to our customers. We will take any query, concern and/or complaint seriously and will look into it promptly, for resolution as quickly as possible.

Consider that the contents are created by the form below owner. The data you submit will be sent to the form owner. Never reveal passwords and other personal data related to email accounts, bank accounts and others.

Complaint Form

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