Why Paenal

Paenal’s policy gives everyone a chance to develop their careers accordingly with their aspirations and skills, through specific training programs and in-house support for employees.

How we work

Paenal is a company committed to the highest standards of responsibility and integrity. Success is not only about financial performance for us. We believe that our history and our people’s energy, will allow Paenal to contribute to the sustainable development.

Our main concern is people’s health and safety. The company’s goal is to promote a culture turned into the achievement of excellence with regard to safety.
Considering the importance of individuals in Paenal, our main points are: culture of diversity, valuing people, knowledge and training, internal communication and organizational well-being.
We care for the environment. In order to protect it near our facilities, we strive to maintain ecosystem diversity, water and air quality, and to cut back on our waste. We understand our responsibilities to run safe operations and to protect the environment.
Be innovative means taking risks, and in Paenal we are not afraid to take risks in order to improve ourselves. We chase for positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality and competitiveness.
Local development
In Paenal we believe that is our responsibility to share our capacity to create value, by creating jobs, supporting education and training, or transferring skills.