What we do

PAENAL yard has a strategic positioning which enable to provide construction services with limited shipment.

Along years PAENAL has proven capacity to safely execute large scale projects, with a high focus on Safety leadership, behaviour and workforce engagement. PAENAL owns a strong management team with international expertise and experience in delivering projects to the highest standards of safety and quality, on time and on budget.

We commit to:

  • Establish a High quality Project Team for every Project
  • To promote and develop the topsides fabrication, integration and project management know-how in Country
  • Delivery of projects safely, on time and with high quality at the Satisfaction of Company and its Stakeholders

But PAENAL is not only committing in succeeding in huge technical complex projects.
We have convictions:

  • Strong involvement of Nationals in our Personnel (> 85%)
    • The PAENAL Training School was established in April 2007, first training session launched in May 2007
    • Successfully trained 421 Porto Amboim young personnel for welding and fabrication works
    • Training and certification is today as ongoing process in Paenal's culture
  • A social responsibility in the Kwanza Sul region:
    • Mitigate high unemployment by training and offering job opportunities to the local people from Kwanza Sul and surrounding areas.
    • Encourage the creation of small private companies, to support the needs of the yard
    • Encourage international contractors, service providers to establish a presence/base in Porto Amboim creating additional training and job opportunities
    • Encourage and participate in the development of social activities
    • Identify & encourage the development of infrastructure required to improve the quality of life of the local people; assistance to hospital/clinics, schools
    • Supporting local charities
    • Sponsor education programs such as revamping of elementary schools

Additional services

  • Offshore manpower support: welders, fitters, scaffolders, painters, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Ship repair and maintenance on quayside, of large ships, rigs, FPSO’s, etc.
  • Ship repair and maintenance in the yard, if <2.500 tons
  • Ship upgrades, like "zero discharge" conversions

Paenal has all facilities to be an efficient and competitive supply base:

  • Quay with loading and offloading facilities and no waiting time for bearthing
  • Fully certified ISPS Port
  • In-house custom clearance, in a few days
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Large stock of materials: steel, scaffolding materials, grit, etc.
  • General skills and services: projects management, scaffolding, painting and blasting, pipe fitting and welding


The Yard

Local workers