Our commitment to the society

Located in a village with a strong fishing community, Paenal always had in mind the needs of those around us, since the beginning.
We have always encourage job creation, either by hiring local candidates, offering training, encouraging the purchase of local products and encouraging the use of local services.
We work with local authorities and with the population, relying on them as experienced entities in the local development.

Promoting education and training

In the attempt to go according to our policy of employing locals, we are often faced with the problem of lack of qualifications. The lack of resources and appropriate infrastructure can prevent students from pursuing their studies. Thus, we are engaged in education, training and knowledge transfer.
We are active in several ways: through university scholarships, establishing a training center and helping to strengthen the educational system.
The major activities we were linked were:

  • Donation of painting, school desks and sealing to a local school
  • Sponsorship for the reconstruction of a local school
  • Donation of reflective vests to the students of a local school
  • Construction of a primary school for 700 students

Support for health and local associations

All our initiatives reflect strategies defined together with public authorities and the local community. We are committed to provide assistance to vulnerable populations.

We have been involved in:

  • Donation of clothes for the neediest populations
  • Donation of hospital supplies to the local hospital and health centers in the vicinity
  • Donation of toys to the children of a local day care center
  • Donation of toys to the children supported by a local association
  • Donation of recreational equipment and kitchen supplies for the local nursing home